Monday, September 12, 2016

Ultrawide Monitor VS 1440P

Many have said that having an ultrawide monitor is great for people who loves to multitask and those gamers freak. And this is no question. With 29 to 34 inch displays diagonally, one could do anything at once. In some reviews of ultrawide monitor from a certain company shows that you can play a video in the left side and run your windows on the right side.

However, there has been an on-going debate about people’s preference in using ultrawide or just stick to 1440p; gamers’ favorite before this innovation comes out and makes all previous monitors go jealous of its features.

Ultrawide Excellence

Todays company have competed in developing their own ultrawides; companies like LG, Samsung, AoC and many more. Some of them even released a curved version of ultrawide monitors. But we are talking about the general ultrawides.

Like most people already knows, these monitors serves best while doing multitasking like photo editing, because you can open many tabs at once so you can work efficiently. If you buy one, there are chances you do not have to upgrade your cards to bigger or better power.

Ultrawide and 1440p: Which One to Choose?

When technology offers you something new, you should consider things you really need. Of course ultrawide monitors are really great. But maybe not for some gamers, due to compatibility and its other features.

Many gamers stated that it is better to use 1440p all day long, because some games did not supported in ultrawides; making them have to pillar box their games. However this is not happening to all games, so you can relax. If you are not a graphic worshipper, you can be just okay and enjoy ultrawides since it cost less (than installing 2 monitors) and need less connection.

1440p still have the good resolution and refresh rates, and more compatible to all games you want. But it is always nice to have wider screen. Now think of your needs; gaming or multitasking?